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Finest Scottish Salmon Locally Smoked with Brown Bread and Butter

The Recipe

Lifestyles: none defined

Allergens: Cereals; Fish; Milk; Peanuts*; Sesame*; Soya; Tree Nuts*
* indicates may contain

ASK! Alternate ingredients may contain Lupin; Mustard

The Ingredients

Alternate Ingredients


Rosemary Bag (fresh); Herb Bag Basil; Garlic clove (fresh); Olive Oil; Saga (Fresh); Tarragon Bag; Sunflower Oil [100% Sunflower seed oil]; Granary Sliced Bread loaf (50g one slice) (Cereals; Peanuts*; Sesame*; Soya; Tree Nuts*) [WHEAT FLOUR, malt flour, gluten, malted wheat flakes, water, yeast, salt, rapeseed oil, E900 bread improver, calcium sulphate, SOYA FLOUR (with calcium iron niacin thiamin), emulsifiers E481 E472 dextrose, flour treatment agent enzymes. Produced in an environment that handles nuts and seeds]; Long Cut Smoked Salmon 1kg (Fish) [salt]; Lurpak Spreadable (Milk) [Butter(milk), rapeseed oil, water, lactic acid culture (milk), salt]; Honey (Squeezy Clear); Lemon Juice; Rapeseed Oil; Lollo Rosso Lettuce; Oakleaf Lettuce; Radiccio Lettuce; GEMS LETTUCE XX20; ENDIVE X10 LETTUCE; SPINACH X10 PRE-PACK 10X200GM; Dijon Mustard (Mustard; SO2); Honey (Squeezy Clear); Cucumber; Cherry Tomatoes; Lemon Juice; Rapeseed Oil; Pepper Green 5kg Bell (1= 140g); Pepper Red 5kg Bell (1 = 140g); RADISH (20X125GM); Dijon Mustard (Mustard; SO2)

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