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Baguettes Houmous, roasted red pepper and rocket leaves

The Recipe

Lifestyles: none defined

Allergens: Cereals; Eggs; Milk; Mustard; Peanuts; Sesame; SO2; Soya*; Tree Nuts
* indicates may contain

Notes: Only white baguettes

The Ingredients

Alternate Ingredients


Coriander Bag 100g(fresh); Chick peas; Tahini Paste (Peanuts; Sesame; Tree Nuts); Carrots; Garlic clove (fresh); Cumin (Ground); Lemon Juice; Olive Oil; Salt; Ground Black Pepper; Thyme Bag 100g (fresh); Rapeseed Oil; Fontinella Sweet Red Pimientos [Red Peppers, Water, Salt, Citric Acid (E330).]; Rocket Leaves; Lurpak Spreadable (Milk) [Butter(milk), rapeseed oil, water, lactic acid culture (milk), salt]; PREMIUM PLUS DEMI BAGUETTE MULTICÉRÉALES 125 (Cereals; Milk*; Sesame; Soya*) [WHEAT flour, water, OAT flakes (4%), sunflower seeds (4%), brown linseed (3%), SESAME SEEDS (3%), gluten (WHEAT), bran (WHEAT) (2%), yeast, salt, sourdough (WHEAT), roasted malt flour (WHEAT), dextrose, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), flour treatment agent (L-cysteine).]; White Cabbage; Cucumber; Sultanas; Cherry Tomatoes; SEA SALT CRISPS [Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt.]; Carrots; Ground Black Pepper; Onion; Burts Sea Salt Potato Chips [Potatoes, sunflower oil, sea salt.]; Lemon; Mayonnaise (Eggs; Mustard); Table Salt (SO2)

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